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selfdestruct10n said: is it alright if i record the whole thing? as in like recording my screen with quicktime, but i dont think theres audio

oh thank you but i need to download not to record

by the way don’t you know there is a lot of sites where you can download youtube videos

i’m going to die without this video hehe 

this is sad

selfdestruct10n said: canadian right here, how may i help you?

aww hi:))

can you please download this video for me? it’s not about youtubers its just free program of my fave skater :(

eliza-bex said: Maybe try asking justin bieber??

you are so funny he he =/


hi everyone

i’m just wondering if any of you from canada because i need your help to download youtube video

i wish you can help me because i’m dying to see it